NFL HOF QB Kurt Warner Backs New CTE Drug

Full Story here VIA FOXBusiness: More evidence is mounting that playing football can lead to permanent brain damage       .                        

A new study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  Opens a New Window.  suggests that 99% of deceased National Football League players’ brains  that were donated for research had chronic traumatic encephalopathy  (CTE)

Prevacus founder Dr. Jacob VanLandingham has developed the first  drug to reduce the effects of concussions through gene amplification and  attacking the multiple pathological scenarios caused by head trauma.

“The only way to do that with one drug is to work through  three-to-four different gene promoters so you are able to get  anti-inflammation going on, you are able to get anti-oxidative stuff  going on and you are also able to reduce swelling at the same time  because you are working at the level of the DNA,” Dr. VanLandingham told  FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner said he is supporting Dr.  VanLandingham’s research to make the game he enjoyed playing for 12  years much safer and to enhance the healing process following an injury. 

“This is the middle piece of the entire process. It gives a  chance to be able to have a drug that can help start the healing process  as soon as the injury occurs so that’s really my investment in this.  It’s not monetary, it’s about being able to protect the players,” he  said.

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