Bacon + Pineapple = Swineapple!

VIA BroBible:   Most of the ‘Food blogger’ creations you see on the Internet are  foods that taste like crap but look stunning in photographs. I’m  convinced that most bloggers and their 50,000+ Instagram accounts don’t  even eat 75% of the dishes they take pictures of because if they did,  they’d realize the flavor combinations they’re putting on Instagram  actually taste like shit…This is why I’m particularly fascinated by the  Swineapple.

The Swineapple is a pineapple that has been stuffed with pork and  wrapped in bacon. If you’ve ever had Al Pastor tacos you already know  how delicious the flavor combination of Pork + Pineapple is. The  complimentary juices make it one of the tastiest combos on the planet,  and that’s precisely why people are geeking out over this creation:

Ron And Ian

Ron And Ian

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