Guy Drinking & Driving Wrecks Clearwater Beach

VIA Barstool:   Longtime stoolie Styles Ryan was just having a little fun on the  beach when he decided that it would be a good idea to “send it.” As it  turns out, it wasn’t the best idea. Our pal was crashing into people’s  stuff, chugging some booze, and on a joyride of a life time until the  spike strips stopped all of his fun. 

I have a feeling that ole Styles is gonna regret this move. He’s  gonna wake up like I do after a few too many drinks and regret what he  put on social media. “Oh yikes. I was drinking on the beach and ran from  the cops whilst crashing into pedestrians’ belongings? Not a good look  for me. Let me delete that before more folks see.” I have a feeling it  will be just a touch late because we’ve already seen it. No need to tip  your bottle back like that. It’s an amateur move. Kinda showy. 

Ron And Ian

Ron And Ian

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