UFC Fighter Yoel Romero Will Make You Feel Weak

VIA BARSTOOL:   I shit myself the first few times I watched this video. I’m afraid of  that man. Nobody should be able to do those things as a light workout. I  couldn’t do like a month of jiu jitsu without thinking my foot is gonna  fall off from a few blisters. Of course my UFC 213 preview will be out  tomorrow, but I’ll spoil my first pick for you right here, right now.  Yoel Romero’s gonna fuck Robert Whittaker up. After that, he’s gonna  fuck Michael Bisping up. I wish it weren’t the case, because I’m a  Bisping fan, and I don’t really like Romero, but it’s unavoidable.  Whittaker’s got no shot after turning down the “Bobby Knuckles” nickname  for himself that I have since cucked.

Now that Rumble’s retired and into the weed business, I think Yoel is  the scariest fighter on the UFC roster…oh, and he’s 40. Motherfucker is  40 years old. 

Ron And Ian

Ron And Ian

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