Hungry Guy Calls 911 For Ride To Hooters

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida -- He was looking for a ride to Hooters, but got a lift to jail  instead. A Florida man was charged with missing using the 911 system  when he called asking for ride from sheriff’s deputies to the local  Hooters. Jonathan Clayton Hinkle, 28, allegedly told dispatchers that  his elderly grandmother was suffering from a stroke in the Hooters  parking lot in Merritt Island and he needed help getting there to assist  her. Hinkle then said he was running to the eatery as fast as he could  but asked if a patrol car could be dispatched to give him a lift, the  Brevard County Sheriff’s office said. Deputies gave him the lift, but  then were unable to locate the grandmother anywhere near the Hooters.  When they finally found her three hours later, she told deputies that  she had never been in any distress and hadn’t called Hinkle for help.  They then tracked Hinkle down and arrested him. The department said they will seek restitution of $222 for the wasted manpower.

Ron And Ian

Ron And Ian

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