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Hungry? Worlds Strongest Eats 12,000 Cals. Daily!

VIA BROBIBLE: Brian Shaw is the reigning World’s Strongest Man. He hails from Fort  Lupton, Colorado, and he’s held the title of ‘World’s Strongest Man’  four times (2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016). It’s fair to assume that a lot  of calorie intake goes into becoming the World’s Strongest Man. The amount of fuel necessary to bulk up to that size isn’t something my feeble mind can even process.

Lately, Brian Shaw has been sharing a video each day on his YouTube channel as part of  something he’s calling #ShawWeek, and two days ago he had the camera  following him all day so that fans could see what his 12,000 calorie  daily diet looks like.

Right up front, Brian Shaw makes a point of mentioning that this diet  is designed ONLY to make him the World’s Strongest Man. This isn’t the  healthiest, leanest, or most energy producing diet around. This is a  MASSIVE diet designed to keep Brian atop the podium as the World’s  Strongest Man, and based on his results over that past seven years it  works really, really well.

Brian Shaw’s Diet is broken out into 7 meals, and while I think you  should watch the entire video above I know that 20 minutes is a long  time to commit to YouTube so here is a brief overview of what those  seven daily meals look like:

Meal 1: Protein 68g, Cabs 74g, Fat 68g, and 1,180 total calories

Meal 2: Protein 115g, Carbs 92g, Fat 25g, and 1,053 total calories

Meal 3: Protein 172g, Carbs 191g, Fat 82g, and 2,190 total calories

Meal 4: Protein 112g, Carbs 89g, Fat 22g, and 1,002 total calories

Meal 5: Protein 117g, Carbs 145g, Fat 41g, and 1,417 total calories

Meal 6: 3,400 total calories

Meal 7: Protein 105g, Carbs 107g, Fat 89g, and 1,649 total calories

That is a literal shit ton of food. I pity the fool that has to be Brian Shaw’s plumber, if you get my drift.

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