"Pro" Golfer Shoots Terrible Round Of 127

VIA BroBible.com:Shitting on people for playing poor golf is not my style. Every round   can either be great, mediocre, or pure fucking shit. I have personally   shot in the 70s, 80s, and 90s in the last year. And although the  latter  is usually not the case, when things go sideways, sometime they  just  keep on going.

That said, I don’t think I have ever even  sniffed a score over 110  since I was like 10 years old. So I don’t know  how this guy –his name  Clifton McDonald — trying to qualify for a U.S.  Open shot 127. That is  beyond outrageous. To even enter to qualify a  player is supposed to have  a handicap under 3 or be declared as a  professional. That means you  shoot 85 on a really bad day and a 95 on  the worst day of your life.  That doesn’t mean you toss up a 55-over par  day.

Look at this scorecard, which was tweeted by his playing  partner Lee McCoy. For all you non-golf fans, McCoy is a legit  professional golfer.


So how did Clifton McDonald, who is clearly not a 2.4 handicap, get  in this qualifier?  Well, there is a loophole. If you declare yourself  as a professional, you don’t need a handicap. You can just sign up and  every assumes you are a professional. That is exactly what McDonald did,  because his life motto is obviously “fake it till you make it.” Or at  least until you embarrass yourself so badly that you have to go into  hiding for a few months.

It is worth noting, that another “pro” who wasn’t declared on the scoreboard as an amateur shot 107. That is still 20 shots better than McDonald.

One final note, I would die to see the shot tracker of this round. Or  maybe just holes 16 and 18 where he carded a 14 and an 11 respectively.

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