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Video: Shark Steals Fisherman's Catch


BOCA GRANDE, Fla. - A fisherman has a big fish tale to tell after an excursion off the coast of Boca Grande.

The  tarpon run had begun and Ronnie Green, host of  "A Fishing Story," was  out on his boat when he landed a big one. But there was an even bigger fish lurking nearby, a 13-to-15 foot hammerhead shark, as he quickly found out.

A struggle ensued and it was all caught on camera

The  hammerhead latched onto the tarpon, and Green started fighting to keep  his catch. "Get off my tarpon!" he is heard yelling on video.

"The  shark came out of nowhere, Green said, "and tried to attack the tarpon  that was on our line. It broke the line while trying to eat the  compromised fish, but we were relieved to see the fish get away," he  said.

Then, the hammerhead swam away, too, as the fishermen watched in awe.

Green says this has never happened to him before, but he's not surprised  since there's always another predator looking for an opportunity.

"I did not land the fish but the tarpon will live to fight again," Green said.

"A Fishing Story" runs on Destination America Sportsman Channel and next year, it'll be on Discovery, according to Green. 

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