Photo: NOT? Gators Coach McElwain Naked On Shark

VIA SECCountry: No, that’s not Jim McElwain. Seriously– it’s not.

If you look closely enough (for your sake, we hope you don’t look too  closely) at the NSFW picture of a naked man on a shark that has  circulated the internet in recent days, you may be able to see a  resemblance between the man in the photograph and Florida coach Jim  McElwain.

So much of a resemblance that the Gators coach actually had to answer whether or not he was the person in the photograph. reached out to the University of Florida about the photo of a naked man who resembles the back-to-back SEC East champion coach. Here’s what they found out:

A Google image search didn’t turn up any results beyond  the same photo being shared on various college football forums, so  Deadspin asked one source that might be in the know: The University of  Florida. A spokesperson for the school’s athletics department said that  McElwain, who became aware of the photo over the weekend, was not the  man in it. “He’s told us it’s not him,” the spokesperson said.

We’re really glad that’s cleared up, though there is still no word on the true identity of the McElwain lookalike.

Oh, and if you wanted to see the photo in question, you can check it out below.

(WARNING: The photo is graphic in nature and may not be safe for work/children)

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