VIDEO: Guy Gets Eel Removed From Stomach

The SUN: We take you to China where a video shows the moment when doctors  removed a live eel from a man’s stomach. The 49-year-old man said he put  the live eel up his butt to cure his constipation. Whatever you need to  tell yourself to help you sleep at night, buddy. 

When  the man arrived at the hospital in Guangzhou a doctor said the  patient’s stomach was inflated like an air balloon, causing pain.

The  eel, which is said to have a head as large as a ping-pong ball, broke  through the intestines and made “a mess” in the man’s abdominal cavity,  “almost killing him,” a doctor said.

The eel was said to have died shortly after it was removed from the  man’s stomach. But the patient is said to have made a full recovery.

This isn’t the first story of an eel getting put up someone’s butt

The moral of the story is that for constipation, laxatives work way better than shoving a live eel up your butt. 

Ron And Ian

Ron And Ian

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