North Korea Accuses U.S.A Of Assisnation Plot!

VIA North  Korea made some very serious accusations against the United States and  South Korea, claiming that the two nations are plotting to kill Kim Jong  Un. In a report by the state-run North Korean news agency KCNA, they  said the CIA and South Korean intelligence services had “hatched a  vicious plot to hurt the supreme leadership of the DPRK.”

In the statement by the ministry of state security, it said a  “terrorist group” backed by the CIA and South Korea’s intelligence  agency had entered North Korea with the mission of carrying out a  biochemical attack. You know, like the biochemical attack that Pyongyang used to kill Kim Jong Un’s brother Kim Jong Nam with a VX nerve agent to eliminate a possible threat to his throne. The plot is said to use  “biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano  poisonous substance” which would be deadly and “appear after six or  twelve months.”

From the BBC

The ministry alleges that a North Korean, which it  identifies only by the surname “Kim”, had been “corrupted and bribed” by  South Korean intelligence services while he was working in Russia.

It lists several alleged payments made to him, amounting in total to  nearly $300,000, and says on his return to Pyongyang he was instructed  to provide detailed information about a frequently used event ground and  to assess possible methods of attack.

North Korea’s ministry of state vowed to find and “mercilessly  destroy” the terrorists and an “anti-terrorist” attack would be  “commenced from this moment.” 

There is no proof to  the rumor that the CIA attempted to poison Kim Jong Un’s food, but made  a monumental mistake when they poisoned his uneaten salad instead of  his donuts. 

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