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Nick Wize 2023 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

1. Chicago Bears: The Bears earlier in the season traded Roquan Smith rather than spending the $100 million it would have taken to re-sign him. Chicago desperately needs to improve on offense more specifically the offensive line to help protect Justin Fields. This draft includes a generational edge rusher and run stopper and it will be hard to pass on either Will Anderson or Jalen Carter, at the end the day the first overall pick will be the Edge Rusher from Alabama.

The Pick: EDGE Will Anderson, Alabama

2. Houston Texans: Where to begin with the Texans, they need so many things. They have issues on both the offensive and defensive side of things not to mention need an upgrade at the QB position. The Texans have plenty of draft capital from the Watson trade. The Texans new coach will have a chance to draft his franchise QB despite the Texans winning their final game of the season and losing out on Pick 1.

The Pick: QB Bryce Young, Alabama

3. Arizona Cardinals: With a new regime coming in they may want a fresh start and move on from Kyler Murray who is rumored to lack work ethic and not to mention will be out most if not all of next year with an injury. With the contract the Cardinals handed Kyler it will be hard to find a trade partner for him. JJ Watt is headed for retirement and this pick will be used to try and replace the hall of famer.

The Pick: DI Jalen Carter, Georgia

4. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have tried everything at QB. Brought in Rivers from the Chargers, Wentz from the Eagles, and Ryan from the Falcons. None of these QB's lasted more than a year in Indianapolis and for the 4th year in a row I expect the colts to start their 4th different starting Quarterback.

The Pick: QB CJ Stroud, Ohio State

5. Seattle Seahawks via Broncos: The Seahawks could find their future franchise QB with this pick to replace Russell Wilson, with Geno Smith having the season that he did I find it hard to believe the franchise who found their last QB in round 3 spends this pick on a signal caller. The Seahawks need to improve on the defensive side of the ball as we all witnessed in the Wild Card round against the 49er's.

The Pick: EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson

6. Detroit Lions via Rams: I wouldn't be surprised if the Lions spent every single pick in this draft on defense + a kicker. Detroit had the 5th ranked total offense and had no problem putting up points. The downfall to this teams success was the 32nd ranked defense who needs help stopping the run and the pass. Detroit struck gold in the 6th round last year drafting James Houston out of Jackson State who appears to be the guy who will play opposite to Aiden Hutchinson but that doesn't mean you can't add more pass rushers, look at the Eagles.

The Pick: EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas A&M

7. Las Vegas Raiders: In yesterday's NFL the Raiders would be looking for a QB with the 7th overall pick, but after signing Davonte Adams last year only to get worse compared to the 2021 season McDaniels finds himself on warm seat who needs wins now. Win now is a tall ask for a rookie QB, I believe the Raiders will try to fill that position in free agency. Instead Las Vegas will beef up the offensive line by landing the number 1 offensive linemen in the draft.

The Pick: OT Paris Johnson, Ohio State

8. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons would love to improve the DL with the 8th pick and a very good one falls to them at pick 8 thanks to multiple teams who were in dyer need of a franchise quarterback. Atlanta finished the season 27th in total defense, the offense isn't great but the defense is worse and they get an upgrade here.

The Pick: DI Bryan Breese, Clemson

9. Carolina Panthers: I am not a huge Will Levis guy, he had a great Jr. season at Kentucky but he regressed in his Senior year with the Wildcats. That said I still think an NFL team will look at Levis and see all the intangibles that can be developed into a great QB. No team is more desperate at this position than the Panthers who have traded away draft picks the last 2 years for Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. This year Carolina spends their own draft pick on a rookie QB

The Pick: QB Will Levis, Kentucky

10. Philadelphia Eagles via Saints: The eagles landed Jordan Davis in last years draft and when he went to IR they struggled to stop the run. Philadelphia wisely signed Suh to help in that department, with the defensive tackle most likely done after this year the Eagles could find another run stopper to add to the rotations but will need to address that position with a different pick in this draft. Eagles will improve their secondary with the 10th overall pick with a homerun cornerback.

The Pick: CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

11. Tennessee Titans: The Titans went wide receiver in round 1 last year with Treylon Burkes who had just 1 TD catch in his rookie season. Tennessee is missing what they once had with AJ Brown and will once again try finding that guy. Adding a WR will also take pressure off of last years number 1 pick and also the run game that the Titans lean on.

The Pick: WR Quentin Johnston, TCU

12. Houston Texans via Browns: The Texans continue to build their team in the trenches and NOT the skilled positions, I am ok with this. Next years draft class is going to be really good and Houston will most likely be in a position to get one of those top QB's like a Caleb Williams, so for now, get the guy that can protect your future Quarterback. The Texans select the 2nd best OL in this draft class.

The Pick: OT Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

13. New York Jets: The Jets had a great draft in 2021 despite not having draft success in 2020 with Zach Wilson. The QB position is something the Jets will most likely try to fill in free agency. Head Coach Robert Saleh has ties to Jimmy Garoppolo from his time spent in San Francisco as the defensive coordinator under Kyle Shanahan. At 13 the Jets land the top Safety in the Draft.

The Pick: S Brian Branch, Alabama

14. New England Patriots: New England really struggled on offense in 2022 and if the Patriots still believe in Mac Jones which I think they do, they really need to find him more targets. The patriots won't have to look far down the road to find help for their offense.

The Pick: WR Zay Flowers, Boston College

15. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers would love to add another weapon on offense to this Packers team. With pick 15 there are plenty of really good wide receivers still on the board including Jaxon Smith-Njigba from Ohio State and USC's Jordan Addison. We know the Packers won't select a WR in round 1. Green Bay could also add to the defensive line and I think that is the move here with guy on the board who can get to the quarterback.

The Pick: EDGE Lukas Van Ness, Iowa

16. Washington Commanders: The Commanders had to love what they witnessed in the final game of the season from the QB they selected in the late rounds last year. Sam Howell out of UNC gave this team some hope going into next season with an impressive win over the Dallas Cowboys. The team in the nations capital will look to improve their OL and Secondary. I believe with this pick the Commanders need to go with the best player of those positions available which will come from the defensive side of the ball.

The Pick: CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Great Steelers teams always have great offensive lines. They currently are missing that in Steeler country. Landing a staring OL would be great for the development of Kenny Pickett and also help out another first round pick from a couple years ago Najee Harris.

The Pick: OT Anton Harrison Oklahoma

18. Detroit Lions: With their first pick in the draft the Lions got themselves a run stopper by upgrading their interior defensive line. Detroit must now address their 2nd problem all year long and that is stopping the pass. A solid corner is something this team desperately needs. Detroit could take multiple corners in this draft and at pick 18 they get their first.

The Pick: CB Joey Porter Jr, Penn State

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers had expectations that they would be picking much later than this but everything that went wrong in 2022 did go wrong. With Tom Brady retiring the Buccaneers will need to draft a Quarterback but I believe that comes in 2024. The Buccaneers have drafted defensive lineman with their first picks in 2021 and 2022, those picks have yet to turn into much production but still early in their careers and Tampa Bay will be counting on Shoyinka and Hall to contribute more next season. The defense struggled to force takeaways and the secondary had missed coverage assignments multiple times in their final game against Dallas. Tampa Bay needs another solid player in the secondary and they find one with pick 19.

The Pick: CB Cam Smith, South Carolina.

20. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks look to get better in the trenches on both sides of the ball, earlier in this draft they addressed the defensive line. With their 2nd pick in the draft I expect them to take the best offensive lineman still on the board which happens to be a very good one out of Georgia. The Seahawks like to run the ball and this pick will help them get better in that area.

The Pick: OT Broderick Jones, Georgia

21. LA Chargers: The Chargers have a few needs to address in this draft. They could use help at DB, OL, and WR. The great thing about this pick is there are still some elite wide receivers available at pic 21 and LA will have their choice of weapons to choose from for Justin Herbert.

The Pick: WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State

22. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens moved on from Hollywood Brown last season and Rashod Bateman has not been able to stay healthy. If Lamar Jackson is going to be around for a full season and have success this team will need to be able to throw the ball and not just run from the QB position. Like the Chargers, Baltimore finds themselves in a great spot to grab one of the elite WR's in this draft.

The Pick: WR Jordan Addison, USC

23. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings had one of the worst defenses in the 2023 season, in fact in the 2nd half of the season they were the absolute worst. The team has parted ways with Defensive Coordinator Ed Donatell and this group looks to rebuild that side of the ball that is getting older.

The Pick: EDGE Nolan Smith, Georgia

24. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars will be targeting a few different positions in this draft. Specifically DL, OT, and DB. This draft is different from past NFL Drafts, the best Offensive Lineman are still available late in the first round with a lot of teams going QB and Edge rushers. Jacksonville needs to continue to protect their prized QB investment and with the 24th pick they do just that.

The Pick: IOL, O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida

25. New York Giants: The Giants would have loved to find one of the elite WR's on the board however they have been taken and anything other than the ones drafted above would be considered a reach. New York will take the best secondary help available with pick 25.

The Pick: S Antonio Johnson, Texas A&M

26. Dallas Cowboys: Like the Giants, Americas team could also use help at the WR position but again that would be reaching with pick 26 based on what is left at this point. With Pollard being injured and likely not on the roster next season and Elliot being on the decline I could see Dallas going with the splashy pick.

The Pick: RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

27. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo gave up a lot of points in the playoffs to Miami and Cincinnati. We expect the D-Line to be better with a healthy Von Miller returning next year. The Bill have not taken a guard or center in day 1 or 2 of the draft since 2019, I don't expect them to address the offensive line with this pick either. The bills will have a chance to get one of the best Linebackers in this draft.

The Pick: LB Trenton Simpson, Clemson

28. Cincinnati Bengals: As much as we here about Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense the fact of the matter is come playoff time they don't put up a lot of points. Burrows Bengals have only scored more than 27 in a playoff game one time, that is not going to cut it in the AFC. Unless he is willing to take a hometown discount I expect Higgins to be on the move and the Bengals will need another pass catcher. Luckily they get to address a position of need with this pick getting the best tight end in the draft.

The Pick: TE Michael Mayer, Notre Dame

29. New Orleans Saints: This picks comes from the Broncos who have acquired Sean Payton to be their next head coach. The Saints will look to improve on the defensive line and do so by grabbing a player most saints fans are familiar with.

The Pick: EDGE BJ Ojulari, LSU

30. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs were able to beat the Bengals in the playoffs with a healthy pass rush which will continue to be the recipe to beat teams like the Bengals in the Playoffs. The Chiefs add more depth to the D Line with this pick.

The Pick: EDGE Laitu Latu, UCLA

31. Philadelphia Eagles: A big part of the Eagles success in 2023 is the Defensive line, they have about 8 guys they can rotate in and out at any moment. Likely losing Suh after this season Philadelphia has a chance to replace him and keep the formula going into next season.

The Pick: DL Saiki Ika, Baylor

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