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3 Trades That Could Be Made For Deshaun Watson

Deshuan Watson has made it clear, like James Harden he wants out of Houston. Many teams would love to bid for the services of the 25 year old franchise Quarterback. Here are a few scenarios that could play out this off season if I were the GM of any of these teams.


The team in Duval County already making headlines this offseason by hiring the former Buckeye coach Urban Meyer. Urban will step into the job with the number 1 pick where it is assumed the Jaguars will select Clemson Quarterback Trever Lawrence. There is a lot of pressure on the young QB coming into the league. Never before has one player been so hyped up as a "can't miss" guy. Even with all the hype surrounding Lawrence there is still a chance he never lives up to the hype. What if he is Ryan Leaf, or Jamarcus Russell?

THE TRADE: Jacksonville sends their first round pick of the 2021 draft to Houston for Watson. Ultimately trading one Clemson QB for another.


This trade has already been widely speculated. If I am the Dolphins I would push very hard for this one. Miami owns the 3rd pick in the draft this year. Guess where the 3rd overall pick came from? You guessed it, the Houston Texans sent Miami a 1st round pick for Laremy Tunsil. It is still way too early to label Tua a "bust" but he didn't look great. Miami is built to win now and Watson immediately makes the Dolphins a contender for the Super Bowl next season.

THE TRADE: Miami sends QB Tua Tagovailoa, the 3rd and 18th overall picks to Houston for Watson.


Rumors are flying around about the possibility of the Detroit Lions starting over (again) and trading the franchise QB Matthew Stafford who has 2 years left on his deal. Jim Caldwell is a candidate for the Texans job who was the coach of the Lions when Stafford was at his best. Stafford has a no trade clause in his contract. It is very unlikely that he would waive that for a team that is nowhere near contention but just for fun, what would it cost Detroit to land Watson?

THE TRADE: Detroit sends QB Stafford and the #7 overall pick in the 2021 Draft for Deshaun Watson.

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