Stu Sternberg Apologizes To Fans, Says Split City Sign Will Not Go Up

Rays owner Stu Sternberg joined Rays Radio on Tuesday night and apologized to fans, saying the team will no longer post a sign promoting the Montreal split city plan in the upcoming playoffs.

"I'm really here to speak directly to our fans today and to apologize, quite frankly," Sternberg told Rays Radio pregame host Neil Solondz before the Rays took on the Astros on Tuesday night. "I've always said that baseball is meant to be fun - engaging and exciting. It brings a community together - I made a big mistake, a real mistake in trying to promote our sister city plan with a sign right now in our home ballpark. I absolutely should have known better and I'm sorry for that - I'm here to tell you and tell the fans that the sign is not going to go up."

When asked why he had considered the idea, he said he remained excited and enthusiastic about a split city plan. "I knew the sign would bring us attention, and we do want the attention - I just didn't completely process that now isn't the moment for it. Postseason is a special time, October baseball is a special time, for a team and it's fans, and nothing should take the attention away from the games."

To hear the full conversation between Sternberg and Rays pregame host Neil Solondz, click below.


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