New Attempt To Raise Threshold Needed To Pass Constitutional Amendments

Florida State capitol - Tallahassee

Photo: E+

A favorable vote on a bill that would bring a question to voters asking whether they want a higher threshold to pass Constitutional amendments.

Republican State Representative Rick Roth of Palm Beach County brought HJR-129 to a House subcomittee Tuesday and it passed on a mostly party-line vote.

"Making it a little bit harder, requiring broader public support means we need to make sure and have a great educational process."

Amendments currently take a 60 percent vote, but Roth's bill would increase that to 66.67 percent, if the voters approve it in 2024.

It's the sixth time Roth has attempted to get this done in his seven years in the Legislature. Opponents say it would give voters less of a voice if passed.

If the bill passes during the Legislative session next month, the voters would get to decide on the increase in 2024.

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