New Florida Presidential Poll... Warren Up, Slight Edge for Trump

BOCA RATON -- There's a considerable margin of error, but a new Florida Atlantic University poll of 934 registered voters has some interesting data points in the nation's biggest swing state.

Among Democrats, FAU's poll shows Joe Biden in the lead but with numbers slipping... 34 percent, down from 39 percent in May. Elizabeth Warren has doubled her share of support, from 12 to 24 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders has gained two points since May to stand at 14 percent. No other Democrat polled in double digits. The margin of error for Democrats is just under 5 percent.

Meantime Republicans would overwhelmingly support President Trump if Florida holds a Republican primary. FAU puts him at 85 percent support, compared with 8 percent for congressman and former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford. Neither Sanford, Joe Walsh or Bill Weld break out of single digits. The Republican margin of error is 5.1 percent.

In head-to-head matchups, FAU shows Trump beating Elizabeth Warren by two tenths of a point, 50.1-49.9 percent. Biden and Sanders lost to the president by one point, and Kamala Harris lost by four points. All of these findings except the last one are well within FAU's three percent margin of error.

A few other findings from FAU's survey, from their news release:

President Trump's approval rating among Florida voters rose to 49 percent (up from 47 percent in the May poll) with 46 percent disapproval.

There is overwhelming bi-partisan support from 75 percent of voters for universal background checks for all gun buyers, with just 14 percent opposed. Voters are split on the new tariffs on Chinese goods, with 40 percent saying it hurts America, 33 percent saying it helps America and 27 percent saying it has no effect.

More from the poll here:

Hear an interview with FAU professor Kevin Wagner:

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