Martin County Sheriff: Immigration Influx "Nothing Short Of Anarchy"

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder

Another local sheriff has been speaking out about his concerns regarding an influx of illegal immigrants expected to be brought here by the feds.

Last week, we heard from Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and similar sentiment is being expressed by his counterpart in Martin County, William Snyder.

"To have any amount of people coming into our community whose first act was trespassing to get into the country could present some public safety challenges. Not to mention the social service challenges of housing, medical care and such."

Snyder's been told by the Border Patrol that an unknown number of migrants in custody in Texas have said they plan to head to Indiantown, where there is a large community of Central American immigrants.

While these people are saying they have family in Martin County, Snyder acknowledges that there really is no way of knowing if that's true, since none of them have documents.

While it appears that President Trump did not order the resettlement plans and doesn't appear to have known about it until late last week, the sheriff says our nation's immigration laws must change.

"What we have is clear convincing evidence here locally of the incoherent lack of strategy and policy that the federal government has when it comes to immigration."

He says everybody is suffering in the meantime.

"This isn't good for law abiding, tax-paying Hispanic members of our community. This is not good for the schools. It's not good for our hospitals. It's not good for anybody. This is not the way to run an immigration policy in a western civilization. This is nothing short of anarchy."

Officials in Palm Beach and Broward Counties are working to stop the influx of undocumented migrants, who could arrive as soon as this week.

The plan by the Border Patrol is to fly them to the area, process them and release them with notices to appear in court at a later date. Officials say most never show up.

Photo: Martin County Sheriff's Office

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