THC Found In System Of Bartender Whose Family Is Suing Tiger Woods

Toxicology results show the bartender whose family is suing Tiger Woods had THC in his system. That's the compound found in marijuana that provides a euphoric-feeling.

24- year old Nicholas Immesberger died in a car crash last December after leaving The Woods Jupiter.

Attorneys say he was an alcoholic and yet was allowed to drink for three hours after his shift and then allowed to get into his car.


According to the lawsuit, Immesberger's blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit and this new toxicology report shows he had levels of THC in his system that were much higher than the state reporting limits.

Woods, his girlfriend Erica Herman who manages The Woods Jupiter and the restaurant itself are named as defendants in the suit.

Tiger made a comment on the case during a PGA Tour news conference in New York on Tuesday morning.

"We are all very sad that Nick passed away," he said. "We feel bad for him and his entire family."

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Photo: Getty Images


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