F Bomb Drops During Nickelodean's NFL Broadcast

I can admit it, I flipped over to Nickelodeon for a minute out of curiosity. As a broadcasting dork I wanted to see who and what would be calling the Saints vs Bears game on the network for the children. I managed to watch long enough to hear a word that has NEVER been broadcasted on Nickelodeon before..

The overall broadcast was creative and innovative but I am never not going to listen to someone else when Jim Nantz is calling a game. I am also a fan of watching Tony Romo explain the game to viewers. He has the ability to make my Fiancée understand what is happening. The part of the broadcast on Nickelodeon most people are talking about today is the virtual slime that appeared when a team would score a touchdown.

After the New Orleans Saints defeated the Bears from Chicago, Sean Payton got in on the fun and got slimed.

I personally wont be watching NFL games on Nickelodeon. HOWEVER, I loved what the NFL did here, they tried something new, I can appreciate that.

Photo Credit: Getty Images