With Season Done Arians In No Rush To Decide On Winston

Although he has spent a full season with Jameis Winston, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians is in no rush to decide if Winston will be his quarterback next season.

Coming into the season, one of the biggest questions, if not the biggest question for the Buccaneers was, can Arians rid Winston of his turnover problem? A problem that included 58 interceptions through his first four seasons in the NFL. Well after 16 games under Arians, Winston's problem to throw interceptions still exists, to include throwing 30 interceptions this year when his previous high was 18 in 2016. Not too mention, seven of Winston's interceptions were returned for touchdowns this year. So, needless to say, the issue of throwing interceptions still exits for Winston even under Arians.

So now 11 months after becoming the Buccaneers head coach, Arians will be part of the decision-making process on whether or not to bring Winston back next season. And if the team decides they want Winston back next season, what kind of contract will the team offer Winston? Will the team use a franchise tag or will they negotiate a multi-year contract?

Questions that will hang over the Buccaneers training center until a decision is made. But if you're expecting a quick decision, don't hold your breath. Arians met with the media on Monday, one day after the team's season ended with a home overtime loss to the Atlanta Falcons. And the head coach expressed the decision on Winston will not be a quick one.

Arians did give somewhat of a timetable when he said the decision could be made in a few weeks. But that does not mean the decision would be made public.

Click below to hear the full interview with the media & Arians

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