Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

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LISTEN: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shaq Barrett Super Bowl LV Postgame Presser

Super Bowl LV

(via NFL Communications)

(on Bucs defense) “I think our performance speaks for itself. Hey, we got to be at the top somewhere. The Chiefs got a high-powered offense. The way we came out there and played tonight – offensively, defensively, special teams – we all did what we had to do to get the win. No touchdowns were unheard of for the Chiefs offense. If you told anyone they won’t score a touchdown in any game this year, if you would’ve bet on that you would’ve made so much money. Nobody would’ve thought the Chiefs would’ve never scored a touchdown in a Super Bowl game.”

(on celebrating with his family) “Hey we’re going to Disney World baby. That’s the plan man, we’ll probably head down there tomorrow. It’s going to be fun with my kids. They sacrificed so much this year, my wife sacrificed so much this year and to be able to go and do something fun with them it is going to be amazing, it’s going to be a great feeling. That’s all it’s about man. As soon as we won, wanted to get my family and start celebrating with my family asap. Celebrate with the team too, but most definitely my family as well.”

(on Brady’s arrival in Tampa compared to Manning) “I think so for sure. Manning was there before I got to Denver, but I know just the way that the relationships in the locker room were, the way he prepared, the way he prepped everything is pretty similar to Brady. It’s been amazing to have Brady to come in and lead us to Super Bowl champs. There’s nothing else to be said. Brady, there’s nothing he can’t do. New team, new scheme, first year here, going to the Super Bowl and winning it all – he’s the goat for sure.”

(on Todd Bowles) “We most definitely were out there just rushing with the format. Sometimes he dialed up some stuff that worked pretty good too. Everything was effective. We had the guys no matter what plays were being called, but they all were great plays, but we just had the guys making everything work and anything work because we’re all hungry and we knew what was at stake and we know we didn’t want to start all over next year with no rings. We might as well have not come to the playoffs if we wanted to start next year with no rings.”

(on the Bucs coordinators being qualified for head coach positions) “Oh most definitely. Their game plans on both sides were impeccable. You saw it and when you got the guys to be able to execute it as well it just makes it that much better. I tip my hat to both of those guys. You can see from the scores, we only gave up nine points on defense and scored 31 points, so we were doing our thing and we were in the right position – they put us in the right position. We just had to make the plays and be the guys they thought we were and know we are out there to make the plays and that’s why it ended up being the way it was.

(on the atmosphere) “It was most definitely a home game for us. We had the fans rocking on third downs, during timeout breaks. It was most definitely a home game for us. It was everything to be able to celebrate with my kids. That was pretty much the only thing I wanted to do after were won. I celebrated with the team at first and once that was over, I was looking for my family instantly and we found a way to get them down there, we made it all happen. My kids enjoyed it, wife enjoyed it, my mom, my sister, best friend, agent, stepmother. Everybody was there and it just went perfect. I’m happy to be in a position that everybody could come to a Super Bowl game and even win a Super Bowl game. All glory to God, his plan is amazing for me.”

(on free agency) “We got a few guys. I know there isn’t another place I’d rather be. I’m pretty sure my agent is going to talk to them, we’re going to talk and we’re going to find a quick solution to this because I know I found a home here. They gave me a shot, I earned a starting spot here, they gave me the freedom to play how I want to play. It’s been a perfect match since day one. The fans showed love since day one everyone showed all the love since day one like I was already proven when I got here. I love it here and I just want to keep proving them right.”

(on Arians’ confidence in the defense) “It most definitely was a confidence boost and if you look at it in the offseason, my mother father was telling me don’t be surprised if you get Brady. I mean if you think about, we have a good defense, we had a good offense at the time too. We just had to fix a few things and Brady was able to come in here and fix those things and lead us to a Super Bowl championship. The coordinators were perfect, defense played great, offense played great, special teams – everything just came together at the right time. Our comradery, our brotherhood, everything. You could feel it, you could honestly feel the change and the growth in the locker room throughout the year and that’s why we’re leaving with the Lombardi Trophy now because we actually bought into everything, we actually became brothers, we actually started talking to each other to better everything on the field so we could just be willing to lay it all on the line for our brothers.”

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