Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

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Super Bowl LV

(via NFL Communications)

(On executing the game plan) “One of the best feelings in the world. You work all year for this, essentially you work all your life for it, if you play football for a long time. This is the main goal – you want to play in a Super Bowl. You want to win the big game – we got it done, a lot of hard work – offense, defense, special teams. Played well in all three facets and got the job done.

(On how he feels) “I feel amazing. I want this feeling again. We’re going to turn up for a little while and then get back at it – start working to try to repeat.”

(On if winning the Super Bowl has hit him yet) “It really hasn’t hit me. It’s hit me, but it hasn’t. I can’t explain it. Those guys coming in – made our team a Super Team. I mean we’re a Super Team and all we had to do was put in the work. We had a lot of selfless guys. We have a lot of superstars, but they’re all very selfless and that worked out.”

(On QB Tom Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski changing the culture and when things started to click) “It was instant. If you add Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, that’s going to do it itself. We have a lot of great players around him. If you give the G.O.A.T. all these players it’s going to work out and it did. We fought hard all season. We were learning on the fly, week-to-week. We were a new team and we got the job done – it feels amazing.”

(On what was the key to dominating from the second quarter on) “Execution and physicality. We [were] the most physical team tonight. I think that showed and we executed. We weren’t the best on third down, but we made enough plays to win the ball game. Kansas City is a great team and we just made more plays tonight.”

(On what this means to win for his hometown of Galveston, Texas)

“It was awesome to represent my city of Galveston tonight – my past coaches and all my friends and family back in Galveston. As a kid, you dream of moments like this. We were in position and we got the job done. We’re world champions and that’s something they can never take from me. I’m from a small city of Galveston, Texas. It’s a tough place to grow up at times, but I was able to make it here on the big stage and win a Super Bowl.”

(On what it would mean to have WR Chris Godwin back in 2021)

“It would mean the world. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. You’re not supposed to think about things like that, but in this business, you have to. We know he’s up but I hope we do everything in our power to keep him. He’s such an unbelievable player and teammate. If we don’t have Chris Godwin, it’s going to be so tough for me and the squad, as well. We’ve got to get ‘CG’ back. He’s the ultimate team player and he’s a hell of a receiver.”

(On QB Tom Brady leading the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in his first season in Tampa)

“Well Tom – he doesn’t care what people say. You can say whatever you want, but that’s just an opinion because the facts are there. It’s hard to do what he did. To come without an offseason, learn a new system as a quarterback – the hardest position in all of team sports – and to just pick it up like he’s been running this offense for a long time. Obviously we got better as the year went on, but man, Tom’s the G.O.A.T. for a reason. He played great all year. We needed him to do that and we got the goal that we were aiming for.”

(On the team acquiring many talented players to earn its second Super Bowl title)

“We were a super team if you look at the names on our team and you look at our roster. We’ve got a Super Bowl players and All-Pro players. The front office did an unbelievable job of getting all of the pieces together and all we had to do was just put in the work and it worked out. Shout out to the front office, the coaching staff and the team for making it happen.”

(on when he realized there was enough talent on the Tampa Bay roster to win the Super Bowl) “When we got Tom, obviously that makes you a contender. He’s like LeBron [James] – whatever team you put him on, they’re going to be a contender and a tough team to beat. All we had to do is work hard like we’ve been doing. It just worked out for us.”

(on Buccaneers QB Tom Brady elevating his game after talking to the opponent) “I don’t know what it does for him, but for the guys around us, we love that [stuff]. We love when he gets fiery and competitive and there’s a lot of guys like that on this team. When he does it, he has a lot of guys to back him up and help him out. We love the competitiveness that he brings and we try to match that.”

(on the change in the organization over the course of the playoff run) “This team here – I feel like our team was built for postseason ball. We made it work. A lot of losing seasons since I’ve been here, but it was all worth it. The front office did a great job of getting in key players that we needed and on the biggest stage, we got the job done. I’m so appreciative and I’m so happy right now.”

(on Tampa Bay going undefeated when scoring over 30 points this season) “It’s our defense. It’s a collective effort. Our defense is holding teams under 30 points, so all we’ve got to do is get 30 with all the great players we have on offense and defense. We’ve just got to get 30 points and get the job done. That’s what the stats show and we did it.”

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