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Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

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LISTEN: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lavonte David SBLV Post Game Presser

Super Bowl LV

(via NFL Communications)

(On what the moment was like when the confetti were falling after being in Tampa Bay for so long) “Great feeling. A feeling that is indescribable. It’s everything that you dream of as a kid who wanted to play this game at a high level. To be called a ‘world champ.’ I mean you go down in history as one of the best teams to play this game. Throughout this whole week, I was reminiscing. Looking back at old film of the past times. Looking at all the great guys we had come across this organization. Just reflecting. To be at this moment and realize everything that I had been through and everything that this organization has been through. To finally be here, all of that hard work paid off. I’m glad to be a world champion. You got to put that at the end of my name every time. World champion Lavonte David.”

(On if he shed any tears after winning this game after not shedding tears after the NFC Championship) “I didn’t shed any tears this time. I was just too geeked up. I think there was just so much excitement looking at all of your teammates. Celebrating this time and having a dominating victory, it was just amazing. It was amazing to be a part of such a great football team. It’s just a great feeling and I can’t even cry. The feeling is indescribable. It’s something that a lot of people work for, it’s a great feeling to be here. I’m very thankful and grateful. I’m definitely thankful for 12 and my team. We came in and proved the world wrong.

(On Todd Bowles Game plan) “It’s exactly what it was. He just let us go out there and play our game. You know we had a great game plan; we only called a couple of calls. We didn’t even blitz a lot. We just let our D-Line eat, the guys underneath took care of the coverage, and guys took care of the deep balls, and me and Devin took care of everything underneath. We were able to eliminate what they wanted to do. We were able to just fly around and make plays. Coach Bowles knows the guys that he’s got, and we were able to step up to the challenge.

(On what the celebration was like after being with the Buccaneers for so long and the dominant performance) “Man, it’s amazing. We knew that we were doubted. We knew that we could play football with these guys. You got to take your hat off to them, they’re a great football team. We knew that we had a great football team too. Looking back and looking back at what they did to us in the Week 12 matchup. We were able to takeaway the things that they like to do, and we were able to just go out there and have fun. The feeling in the locker room was incredible. Guys were jumping for joy. It’s a great feeling. Like I said, I wouldn’t want to celebrate with anyone else. We have a great group of guys and we will forever be remembered.

(On the accomplishment of holding this group to 0 touchdowns and what it says about your group) “Team football man, team football. Complimentary football. Offense didn’t turn the ball over, and we were able to turn the team over. We were able to get after the quarterback and take away what they love to do. Coach Bowles and his staff had a great game plan thrown together. We were able to execute. Like I said, the first game we played them they had some deep balls over our head. So we were able to eliminate that. We were in the game. We started this game the way we started the 2nd half of the first game. We had that chip on our shoulder. We were able to do our thing and execute.”

(On how you’re feeling after waiting 9 years for the playoffs and to win a Super Bowl) “9 years of griding, finally here. It’s definitely something that everybody has been in this position talks about. I can see why this is such a special moment. I wouldn’t enjoy winning with any other football team. Through the hard times, I was able to keep my head held high and understand that those times won’t last for long. Just a great feeling to be a part of an organization like this, to be a part of a team like this, a coaching staff who was able to bring everything together and hold each other accountable. Now we can call ourselves, ‘World Champs.’”

(On how great it is to be on a team with two black coordinators calling plays) “It’s great man. It’s a great feeling. I always say, those guys deserve all of the recognition. They deserve all of the credit that’s coming their way. Both sides of the football had great game plans put together with Coach Bowles and Coach Leftwich. To be two African American guys to win a Super Bowl at a big stage during Black History Month, is going to be celebrated forever. I tip my hats off to those guys, they’re very respectable men. They’re great men first and foremost, but they’re also great football coaches too. Sooner or later, they’re going to be calling the shots. Those guys deserve it. They deserve all the credit and recognition. I definitely appreciate those guys.”

(On if they felt like it was their time to bring a Lombardi trophy to Tampa Bay after the NHL team won their Stanley Cup) “Yeah, most definitely man. The pressure was on us. The lightning won the Stanley Cup and the Rays went to the World Series. Unfortunately, they didn’t pull it off, but we were still rooting for them. Hopefully they get a chance to go back again. It was our time now. We had to step up to the challenge for the city. It was definitely long overdue. Those guys had our backs throughout the season, both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Lightning. They were rooting us on. I saw something earlier that a lot of those guys had on our jerseys as they were going to their games. It’s definitely a family thing. All organizations stick together for this city. We were able to step up to the plate and bring one home for Tampa Bay.”

(On the sound of being a Super Bowl Champ) “It’s amazing. It’s a great feeling. We’re going down in history and we will forever be remembered in this organization as a world champion. That’s something that nobody will forget. That’s an honor. It’s something Tom talked about. It’s about people going to honor you, people going to honor your teammates, and people going to honor your family. That’s definitely what it’s going to be. Call myself a world champion. Lavonte David, Super Bowl 55 world champion. It’s the greatest feeling in the world and I wouldn’t change it for nothing. I’m glad to celebrate this moment with a great group of guys that we have. Man, it’s an incredible feeling.”

(On how Tom Brady let you react tonight after not allowing crying after the NFC Championship game) “Tonight, I don’t think there was much crying. There was just a lot of celebrating. I think the adrenaline and the excitement of us winning the national championship. Just took us over. I think there was no crying. It was just something that we understood. We knew the job wasn’t done to get here, now we here, we had a lot of preparation throughout the week. We were able to put together great game plans and we were able to execute. Our confidence level was really high too. I think our confidence level helped us not show any emotions out there. I didn’t see any tears throughout the championship ceremony so that’s a great thing. It’ll probably catch us down the line, but I didn’t see any tears this time. It’s just a great feeling to be called a World Champ.”

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