Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

Best Tampa Bay Buccaneer Coverage

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LISTEN: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Antonio Brown Super Bowl LV Postgame Presser

Super Bowl LV

(via NFL Communications)

(on his journey to the present) “Well I’ve been through a lot man, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Adversity, perseverance, fighting through, believing to get to this point and being able to finish man, I’m just super grateful - appreciation with the right perspective. I really thank God, this is a surreal moment, hasn’t really sunk in because of all the hard work and the intangibles that go with it, but I’m super grateful and I couldn’t write a better story. God is the author and protector of my faith and to be in this position I just have to thank him.”

(on the likelihood of staying in Tampa) “Man I’d love to, I look forward to going through the process, this is a great spot for me and I would love to come back and give it another shot at a 2-peat.

(on the impact of Tom Brady) “Tom is a great guy; he’s been in my corner since day one. He’s a big brother to me who always believed in me. Took me under his wing, helped me get the right perspective, helped me put things into perspective and I had to just take a step back. I appreciate things with the right perspective and just being gracious. It’s a blessing to play this game. Being a year out without football made me appreciate it even more and I’m just grateful to be at this point right here and to finally be a champion.”

(on what it would mean to return to Tampa) “I would love to be back here next year. It would mean everything to be back. I’m just excited and super grateful.”

(on the talk between Brady and Mathieu) “He’s a competitor. Just was a great time, great opportunity. Just playing football – the emotions of the game, guys get caught up in the emotion, but we got the victory.”

(on Byron Leftwich’s game plan) “Byron Leftwich got some amazing plays, put in an amazing game plan, gave us an opportunity to make plays and gave us an opportunity to win the game. It’s a blessing. He was a great quarterback, is a great coach. He put us in a great position to come out victorious with this game.”

(on homefield advantage) “Still a long way to go but it was a blessing. It was a blessing; I couldn’t write a better story. I really thank God; God is so good. Everything I’ve been through to be in this moment, it’s a blessing.”

(on the comradery of the team) “It’s been a journey, the ups and downs. I wouldn’t change none of it. I think God put me through and couldn’t have shaped a better moment than this moment right here. I just really appreciate it. I’m super grateful. I’ve got the right perspective. Just thank God.”

(on working with Tom Brady) “It’s been a tremendous honor working with Tom. He’s a legend, he’s a winner, he’s a good leader, one of the best human beings I know and even a greater football player. I can’t speak enough on what he’s meant to me. This moment, everything I’ve been through.”

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