Ryan Hoppe & Chris Mathis Attend The Jack Harlow Concert On Saturday.

As discussed during transition on "The Pat & Aaron Show" going into "Beckles & Recher," I (Ryan Hoppe) invited Chris Mathis to the Jack Harlow concert. A very generous friend of mine sent me two tickets as a surprise, since I am a huge fan of Jack Harlow. 

Jay Recher pondered on-air if the upcoming 2024 presidential election would have the candidates of "Hoppe/Mathis 2024," and I said on-air that it should be "Mathis/Hoppe 2024." But I changed my mind because I realized I have so many skeletons in my career that it would be perfect for me. 

But in all sincerity, I had a 10/10 time with Chris Mathis. He is such a good dude and make sure you listen to him on "The Pat & Aaron Show," everyday from 12:00-3:00 PM on 95.3 WDAE.

Check out our podcasts, "Hoppe Radio" and "The Chris Mathis Podcast."

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