VIDEO: Tiger Woods Holds Back Tears in His Final Walk Up 18 at St. Andrews

Those who were hoping to catch Tiger Woods competing over the weekend in the British Open (such as myself) are now left with the memory of his final walk up 18 at the esteemed Old Course at St. Andrews. Tiger wiped away a few tears as he approached the 18th tee after fans recognized the enormity of the moment.

While Woods didn't say he was retiring, he was noncommittal regarding any plans to play in the future.

"I have nothing, nothing planned. Zero," Woods said. "Maybe something next year. I don't know. But nothing in the near future. This is it. I was just hoping to play this one event this year. And I was lucky enough, again, [to get] three events in and they're all majors. So I feel very fortunate to have had things happen this way [after] the struggles I've been through to get to this point."

Woods also referenced his diminishing game in saying "...I don't know if I will be physically able to play back here again when it comes back around. I'll be able to play future British Opens, yes, but eight years' time, I doubt if I'll be competitive at this level."

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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