Tristan Wirfs Did NOT Catch a Radioactive Goldfish While Fishing in Alaska

Tristan Wirfs with his Yelloweye Rockfish

With Ian Beckles taking a quick day trip to Panama City for a little fishing, he'll have a little ways to go to match the output of Tampa Bay Buccaneers right tackle Tristan Wirfs, who caught this big ugly during a fishing trip to Alaska!

According to our trusty Google Lens app, the fish Tristan caught seems to be a Yelloweye rockfish, not a radioactive goldfish, as some have joked on social media!

He posted these images to his Instagram story on Tuesday, as he finishes up his offseason before the start of training camp.

Tristan is scheduled to report to camp along with the rest of the team's veterans on Tuesday, July 26.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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