WATCH: Jackie Redmond's Husband Saves Bald Eagle in Nova Scotia Tidal Water

We here at Beckles & Recher always show love to one of our favorite guests, Jackie Redmond, for her passion for hockey, wrestling and more. Now we must show some love to her husband, Emmett Blois, as he was involved in saving the life of a bald eagle who had gotten stuck in tidal water in the couple's native Nova Scotia.

Emmett is a rafting guide for Shubie River Wranglers, a company that provides an experience similar to whitewater rafting on the Shubenacadie (Shubie for short) River. And in the video, you see the great care he took to make sure the bald eagle was safe and secure.

This wasn't Emmett's first rodeo, as he recently also helped rescue another eagle from the same Nova Scotia river, as you see in the short video below.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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