VIDEO: Colorado Bar Disrespects Tampa Bay Lightning and Fans Before Game 1

Beckles & Recher co-host Jay Recher had himself a crazy travel day yesterday, and after all was said and done, he and Lightning insider Erik Erlendsson wanted to wind down with a nice meal to end the day.

We aren't even going to name this poor excuse for a bar/restaurant, as the owners had the gall to post a sign at the front entrance asking patrons to please wipe their feet on the Tampa Bay Lightning jersey that was placed on the floor in the foyer of the establishment.

Suffice to say, both Jay and Erik were in total disbelief, and even though they were starving, they chose to bring their business elsewhere.

We will discuss this incident and more on the start of the Stanley Cup Final with Jay on Beckles & Recher, starting at 3pm on 95.3 WDAE!

Cover Photo: Jay Recher

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