You Can Get Up Close and Personal With the Stanley Cup!

You definitely don't need a virtual reality headset if you want to get up close and personal with Lord Stanley's Cup.

The NHL has created the Stanley Cup Experience, which uses Augmented Reality (AR), to create a near-perfect digital replica of the Stanley Cup.

With a computer, tablet or phone, you can zoom in and explore each engraving, scratch and dent.

And with the AR technology, you can set up the Cup wherever and however you want for a photo or video. The NHL is launching two different AR tech experiences -- one for tablet/mobile and one for social (IG/Facebook/TikTok) – which allows fans to hoist the Cup on their own.

Let's hope we can use actual reality to get close and personal with the Cup again, should the Bolts outlast the Avalanche in the Final.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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