WATCH: John Cena Fulfills Family Promise to Ukrainian Down Syndrome Teen

If you don't already know the greatness that is John Cena -- no matter what you might think of him in the ring -- here's yet another story of how he goes out of his way to bring joy to others.

Last week, Cena met with a family who fled war-torn Ukraine, but it wasn't just a typical family.

To motivate Misha, a 15-year-old with non-verbal Down Syndrome, for the journey across Europe, his mother told him after their home had been destroyed that the family had to leave Ukraine to meet Cena.

As soon as Cena heard this story, he made his way to Amsterdam, to where the family successfully fled.

"Having three days off from work, right at the time I read this story," Cena says in the video, "and being an hour away by air, it turned immediately into 'we're going!'

"And that means, spending an afternoon, building blocks, and eating cake! That's a special afternoon when it comes to new friends I was able to meet."

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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