Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees Team Up to Live Tweet Gun Violence Facts

The Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees are rivals on the field, but off of it, they are united in a common cause.

During Thursday's game between the two teams, instead of tweeting out game updates, commentary or snide remarks about each other, both teams' social media managers instead opted to use their platforms to share facts about gun violence in America.

This follows yet another gun massacre that killed 21 people -- 19 of whom were CHILDREN -- at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. Which followed the racist mass murder of 10 black people at a supermarket in Buffalo on May 14th. Which followed ... You get the picture.

These events keep happening in our country because legislators we elect do nothing about it, hiding behind a Constitutional amendment written in the 1700s that has never been amended to reflect this nation's growth, progress and technological advancements.

And both the Rays and Yankees, along with a significant portion of the United States population, understand this.

So, the teams used their large platforms and following to draw attention to some sobering statistics about gun violence in this country.

Each team live tweeted the same facts about gun violence during Thursday's game; we have them all below, alternating between teams in the order posted.

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