The Reason for Tom Brady's Return Is What We Suspected All Along!

We have pounded this topic practically to death on the Beckles & Recher Show, speculating the reasons why Tom Brady retired, as well as the reasons for his return, and we finally have an answer to the latter.

Brady told ESPN on Monday that he had a bitter taste in his mouth from the way last season ended, a 30-27 loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Playoff. He also said he knows there's still a place for him on the field, believing he still has the physical and mental ability to compete at a high level.

The feeling started to come back to Brady at the start of free agency in March, and since he knew his body could handle the pounding and his competitive fire was still burning, the choice for him was a no-brainer, as he realizes he's at the tail end of his career.

""I know I don't have a lot left, I really do. I know I'm at the end of my career," Brady said. "I wish you could go forever, but it's just not and football comes at too high of a cost now. My kids are getting older and it's just getting harder and harder to miss these things.

"But, I wanted to give myself and my teammates and our organization another incredible opportunity to accomplish something that we'd all be very proud of."

Perhaps he'll reveal a bit more in the final episode of "Man in the Arena: Tom Brady" on ESPN+, debuting next Tuesday, April 26.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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