WATCH: The Reason Why Every NHL Fan Base Dislikes Sidney Crosby

Every fan base in the National Hockey League seems to have some sort of dislike for Pittsburgh Penguins megastar Sidney Crosby, who has been showcasing his talents for 17 years in the NHL. By all accounts, there's a side that fans don't see; Sidney is a fantastic person, a stand-up guy who would give you the shirt off his back if asked, and his charitable foundation has helped many people in many walks of life.

But there's the other side that the fans do see, such as this video above of a sucker punch of Washington Capitals' forward Nic Dowd from Saturday's 6-3 Pittsburgh loss. Sid (no longer) the Kid was penalized on the play, but the penalty was nullified as the Caps scored with the extra attacker on the ice as play continued.

As a bonus for all you Crosby haters out there, posted below are two videos from Penguins FAN Alyssa Hope, who shows no favorite-team bias in showcasing Crosby's top jerk and top baby moments!

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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