Leigh Wood Knocks Michael Conlan OUT OF THE RING in WBA Featherweight Fight

Just fast-forward to the 11:04 mark of the video above to watch WBA Featherweight Champion Leigh Wood knock his opponent, the previously undefeated Michael Conlan, out of the ring during the 12th and final round in one of the candidates for 2022 Fight of the Year!

Hell, it's worth it just to watch the entire video, as both fighters traded heavy punches throughout, in an epic battle of wills.

The great finish was overshadowed by concern for Conlan, who took a right hand and slumped against the ropes as Wood finished Conlan with a flurry of punches that knocked Conlan clear out of the ring!

Conlan tweeted his fans after the fight to let them know he was okay, injecting some humor, while also offering congratulations to Wood for the "good shot."

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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