Beckles & Recher Best Bets for the Weekend: Super Bowl Prop Bets

We've been away a couple of weeks for one reason or another, but now we're back, and better than ever (well in Ponzo's case, maybe not).

This week, for a little fun, the guys are taking a shot at some of the prop bets in Super Bowl 56. Hey, Ian won a pick to click on Thursday, so maybe there is hope for Ponzo yet!

Posted below are Beckles & Recher's best bets for Super Bowl 56, which we remind you are for entertainment purposes only; NO WAGERING! ;-)

IAN BECKLES (Last game, 1-2; 5-4 overall)
Cooper Kupp & Jamarr Chase will have a combined 15 receptions, and each will have 80 yards receiving
Either Joe Burrow or Matthew Stafford will have a 50+yard touchdown pass
Jamarr Chase, Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham Jr. and Tee Higgins will each have over 49.5 yards receiving

JAY RECHER (Last game, 2-1; 6-3 overall)
Coin flip: Tails
Jersey number of first touchdown scorer: Under 23.5
Bengals Kicker Evan McPherson will have a 50+-yard FG

TOM PONZO (Last game, 1-2; 2-7 overall)
First offensive play of the game: Pass
Jersey number of first touchdown scorer: Under 23.5
Margin of victory: Under 8.5 points

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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