WATCH: Online Troll Challenges MMA Fighter and Gets Result You Would Expect

There's no way I'm trolling Mike Glennon or Ryan Griffin(!) to let them know I could play the position of quarterback better than they can. There's a reason they were drafted or signed by professional teams. Also, my 54-year-old arm is shot at this point.

But that didn't stop one man from finding out for real that your mouth (or typing fingers) should not be challenging professional athletes.

MMA fighter Mike Holland, otherwise known by his nickname, Big Mouth, had been harassed online for about a year by a man named Jayden Parker, a so-called Brazilian jiu-jitsu 'artist' who claimed he would have no trouble getting Holland to submit.

Holland tired of the trolling, and decided to put his money where HIS Big Mouth was, offering to pay for some of Parker's transportation to Holland's hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, to see if Parker could live up to his boasts.

As you can see in the video below, it didn't go too well for Parker.

Love Holland's slap of Parker's belly after Holland did to Parker what Parker said he would do.

Holland says this definitely won't be the last troll he fights. Let's hope so.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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