Halftime Heat: Friday, January 21, 2022

Our last Halftime Heat of the week features Ian Beckles craving some yacht rock, and Jay Recher's five teams to watch this weekend!

I got my weekly message/stretch with my girl Deena at Anytime Fitness this morning and she asked me what I’d like to hear on Pandora. I paused for a second, and my answer was yacht rock. I’m 54 years old and yacht rock hits me right in my wheelhouse.

No genre is more specific than yacht rock. 

Rock, rap, country all have offshoots but Yacht rock must include Toto, Little River Band, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, and of course, the King of yacht rock, the great Christopher Cross. 

Yacht rock is simply all of the music that was being played on the radio airwaves in my youth. 

And is probably my go-to music as a DJ.

I love hip hop, rock, heavy metal and some alternative music, but yacht rock soothes the soul. 

And I guess it takes me back to a much easier time of my life. 

I’d love to involve more music on the Beckles & Recher show, so I’d like to take this time to push for a yacht rock day where the great Tom Ponzo plays only the yacht rock greats. 

Fridays may be the best day for that. Wink Wink!! 

Shame on you if you don’t smile when Hall and Oates, Michael McDonald or the great Joe Jackson come on. Very few things make me happier than music. 

And My first love was yacht rock. 

I’m gonna head back to the Dignitary Tea and Kava House after the show and play some killer yacht rock.

Come join me!

Here’s my five teams to watch this weekend!

My first team up, let’s go to NCAA Men’s basketball and #2 Auburn. Watch out now, Auburn might be a basketball school now!! Big matchup on Saturday at 1 pm as they welcome in Coach Cal & #12 Kentucky. 

To the ladies side, how about #13 Georgia? They’re 15-3 and have a tall task themselves on Sunday at 2 pm as they host #5 Tennessee, who sit at 17-1.

Last team on the hard court but now in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers. With Frank Vogel on the hot seat, LeBron answering questions about Westbrook being benched and AD still injured, matchups with Orlando and Miami this weekend will tell us a lot about where this team’s head is at.

On the ice, it’s the New York Rangers for me. Some pundits aren’t buying this strong first half from the Blueshirts and they will be put to the test tonight as they face the team directly behind them in the standings, the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes are two points behind but have four games in hand.

And last but not least, the Buffalo Bills. They HAVE to win this game on Sunday in Kansas City against the Chiefs. Exorcising the demons of the Patriots is nice, but this team is built to win a Super Bowl. That Rams/Bucs game should be awesome, but this one will be pretty badass too.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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