WATCH: Hockey HoF Reporter Gets Under Edmonton Oilers Players' Skins

No, reigning Hart Trophy winner Connor McDavid is not part of the video above of Edmonton Oilers players reacting to the questions of Hockey Hall-of-Fame reporter Jim Matheson. We just needed a photo of an Oilers player behind a press podium to accentuate our headline.

But, as we discussed at the end of Tuesday's Beckles & Recher show, the testy exchange between Matheson and Oilers star forward Leon Draisaitl went viral, which prompted Oilers fan site Ferda Oil to post the compilation video of reactions to Matheson questions above to Twitter.

Matheson tries to explain his actions in this article about how the relationship between athletes and reporters has changed.

The full exchange between Matheson and Draisaitl is below, including the part where Matheson says Draisaitl is being "pissy!"

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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