Halftime Heat: Tuesday, Wednesday, January 19, 2022

On Wednesday's Halftime Heat, Ian Beckles has a few words for Eagles fans, while Jay Recher wonders whether Victor Hedman is the best defenseman on the planet Ert.

I just finished watching some Instagram videos of Buccaneer fans beating the tar out of some pee on Eagles fans. 

I was asked numerous times last week where my allegiance was since I played for both the Bucs and the Eagles. 

The answer is DUH. F the Eagles and F the Eagle fans. 

I’m the perfect person to ask about the difference between the 2 fan bases. 

Well here’s how it goes.

Eagles fans give the word fan a bad name. 

And I’ve seen it first hand. 

I played in TB for 7 years and never really saw any altercations.

I’m my short 2 years in Philly I watched numerous scraps and to-dos every single game.

Eagle fans spitting on opposing fans, very classy. 

And God forbid someone wears an opposing jersey in your stadium, That’s a death wish to that person. 

So for you jack jaw Eagle fans who rolled up in RJS with your Eagles gear on acting a fool, I’m glad you guys all caught an ass whoopin', because The Eagles are officially our Biatch.

And Buc fans are your Daddies. Believe that.

So Eagles fans, Shhhhhh.

And wait for next year and another year of mediocrity.

Go Bucs!

So I’m watching the Lightning game last night and I’m thinking to myself, “is Victor Hedman the best defenseman on the planet?”

And I’m not that guy to make those type of proclamations, because for the most part it’s subjective right? We see him all the time so of course the majority of us would say “hell yeah” without even thinking of it.

So what I decided to do was take the 4 guys who right now are eligible for that “top D-man” honor and tried to figure out who is the cream of the crop.

Let’s start with the guy who may be the most talented of the bunch, Colorado’s Cale Makar. I keep trying to think of ways to describe him and I think the best way is to call him Connor McDavid on defense. He’s a special talent who can absolutely fly and is destined to win multiple Norris Trophies. And he’s only 23. 

Next up, Roman Josi. He won the Norris Trophy a couple years back and is one of the most solid defenseman in the last decade. Years ago, Lightning radio voice Dave Mishkin said to me, “I really like that Josi kid”. And now, he’s the man. The least flashy of the 4, you’re not going to see him on your Top 10 list, but that dude rarely has a bad game. Think Ryan McDonagh with more offense. He’s 31 and really not showing any signs of slowing down.

This next guy I watch a lot and he is as cool as a cucumber, one of the smartest players in the league and also only 23, reigning Norris Trophy winner Adam Fox. Another guy that just doesn’t make many mistakes. He’s a big-time point getter who seemingly flip-flops with Hedman every night for most points in the league for a defenseman. To be as well-rounded as he is and to perform night in, night out in a market like New York, this is another outstanding player.

And last but not least, Victor Hedman.

This dude played 32 minutes and 37 seconds last night. He scored twice, added an assist & even two blocked shots. It’s crazy because I don’t put this lightly. I’m a big fan of Makar and Josi & especially Foxy. But no one is currently at the level of the Big Swede. He can score, he can pass, he can defend, he does it in the regular season and the playoffs. He’s got the personal & team accolades and he’s a leader. The total package, the full resume’ is why I think, hell I know, Victor Erik Olof Hedman is the best defenseman on the planet.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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