Donna Kelce Has Memorable Day Seeing Both Sons Play in Two Stadiums

The Twitter post above takes you through the day of Donna Kelce, the mother of Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis.

She did the near impossible on Sunday, witnessing both of her sons LIVE in action at each of their wild-card playoff games.

Unfortunately (for her), she started the day at Raymond James Stadium watching Jason's Eagles lose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but ended the day on a high note able to witness Travis throw a touchdown at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City's win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her day was captured by the official NFL Twitter account as she made her way from Tampa to Kansas City.

Donna also dropped by the post-game Zoom conference to ask her son the first question of his session, which you can see below!

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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