Halftime Heat: Friday, January 14, 2022

On Friday's Halftime Heat, Ian Beckles says haters make the hated prosper, while Jay Recher gives you his five teams to watch this weekend.

Nobody wants to admit that they’re a Hater.

But I watched a whole lot of it the Saturday night of the Jake Paul Fight. 

The most popular attraction that night was the “Island Boys” who walked into Amalie arena to a chorus of boos and hisses!

When are we going to realize that your Hatred for them gives them more notoriety AKA dollars?

The biggest box office draws all had an element of hate. Whether its Ali, Tyson, Mayweather, McGregor or one of the Paul Brothers. 

The one thing all of the aforementioned fighters have in common is that they laughed all the way to the bank. 

Jake Paul doesn’t give a Rats Ass whether you came to Amalie to watch him win or because you want to see him get his block knocked off.

All the gate money spends the same and there may not be another fighter today who could pack Amalie with Men, Women, Girls and Boys of all ages. 

I heard about 20 thousand Haters Gasp that Saturday night when Jake Paul sent Woodley into the words of Mike Tyson “Bulivion,” AKA Never-Neverland. 

So whether you’re Hating on Jake Paul or the Island Boys just know that Hate equals WINNING! 

That's real talk!

Here’s my 5 teams to watch this weekend!

Let’s start on the hardcourt in the women’s game and go out west to #2 Stanford. The Cardinal are 1stin the Pac 12 and are 11-3 on the season, losing only to #13 Texas, #1 South Carolina & our very own USF. They face a tough matchup tonight as they travel to take on #22 Colorado.

Let’s stay on the court & go to the men’s side and the Fighting Bryan Burnsy’s West Virginia. Bob Huggins’ squad is unranked at 13-2 but if they can go into Lawrence and beat #9 Kansas tomorrow, they’ll be ranked come Monday. Bank on it.

The pro side of hoops, let’s go with the Atlanta Hawks. What’s up with these guys? 12thin the East? Huh? They play in Miami tonight & then host the Knicks tomorrow, who they just swapped underachieving 1stround picks with. Atlanta needs to turn it around, and quick.

To the ice we go! Quick, who is the #1 team in the NHL’s central division? It’s not the Blues or the Avalanche, it’s the Nashville Predators! How about that? Tough game for them tomorrow as they travel to Beantown to take on the returning Tuukka Rask & the Boston Bruins.

And finally in the NFL, I was going to say Buffalo but to me, it has to be the Dallas Cowboys. The predictions for this team are all over the place. Some thing they’re frauds and will be exposed by San Fran & others have them going to the Super Bowl.

I don’t know about all that, but I do know we’re in store for some incredible games this weekend & THESE are my five teams to watch!

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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