Beckles & Recher Week 14 NFL Best Bets - It's Getting Late Early

With Ian and Jay planning their end-of-year vacations starting Wednesday, we won't be playing our three picks contest for the next three Fridays, which means Ian has clinched a win for 2021! Ponzo won't even have a chance to get anywhere near .500, but as far as he's concerned, it doesn't matter, as he has only wagered pride, not money!

Posted below are Beckles & Recher's best bets for week 14 of the NFL season, which we remind you are for entertainment purposes only; NO WAGERING!!

IAN BECKLES (Last week 1-2; 28-11 overall)
Seattle (-7.5) over HOUSTON
CINCINNATI (+1) over San Francisco
Buffalo (+3.5) over TAMPA BAY

JAY RECHER (Last week 2-1; 19-20 overall)
Dallas @ WASHINGTON under 48
NY Giants @ LA CHARGERS over 43
CINCINNATI (+1) over San Francisco

TOM PONZO (Last week: 1-2; 13-25-1 overall)
WASHINGTON (+4.5) over Dallas
CINCINNATI (+1) over San Francisco
LA CHARGERS (-10.5) over NY Giants

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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