WATCH: Iowa HS Hoops Player Sucker Punches Opponent at End-Game Handshake

A disturbing story out of Iowa, where after a game Tuesday night between Nevada and Carlisle high schools, a Carlisle player attacked the player leading the Nevada handshake line.

The first blow was to the body, followed by a punch to the face that knocked the Nevada player out cold.

There has been no indication as to the cause of the attack, and the Carlisle player, 17-year-old Carter Prenosil of Des Moines, was arrested Wednesday on a felony assault charge.

"It was determined through an initial investigation that a player of the Carlisle Community School District, without provocation, struck a player of the Nevada Community School District team at the end of the game," a release from the Carlisle Police Department read. "As a result of the assault, the victim sustained a loss of consciousness, injuries to his mouth, and immediately received medical care."

Reports say the student, identified in reports as Ty Dittmer, suffered a concussion and received four stitches to his lip, and court documents allege Prenosil threw an "unwarranted punch" at Dittmer's abdomen and face.

Some students interviewed suggest that the two players traded insults during the game, which may have led to the alleged assault.

Prenosil was charged with Willful Injury - Causing Serious Injury, which is a Class C felony.

There should be no doubt that Prenosil should never play any high school athletic competition again.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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