UPDATE: Alleged Love Triangle at Center of French Soccer Player Attack

On Beckles & Recher, we have a desire to be fair and honest when it comes to the things we discuss and the blogs we write. And with that comes a responsibility to attempt to tell the whole story, not just a headline and let it go by.

We reported a few weeks back that Paris Saint-Germain women's midfielder Aminato Diallo was in police custody after allegedly hiring hitmen to deliberately injure her PSG and French national teammate Kheira Hamraoui in an effort to gain more playing time.

At the time, Dialllo denied any involvement in the attack, and as it turns out, police found her story to be credible and she was released from custody.

According to multiple reports, new suspects have emerged -- former Barcelona and French international defender Eric Abidal, along with his wife Hayet

Reports are suggesting that Abidal and Hamraoui were engaged in a romantic relationship, with one report confirming that at some point during the attack, one of the attackers mentioned something to Hamraoui about sleeping with married men.

The Versailles prosecutors’ office said investigators could soon question the Abidals, while adding it was “just one lead among many.”

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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