WATCH: 5-on-5 MMA Massacre From Poland Needed to Be Stopped Before it Began

If you like violent MMA Beatdowns, then this has to be the video for you.

Apparently, these shenanigans took place in Poland, where five MMA fighters who looked like they had skill, faced off against five -- some in masked costumes -- who didn't match up quite as well.

The video above is a little more than a minute, but you can get the gist of the free-for-all that took place. Once one fighter was finished dispatching his opponent, he would go on to double-team another opponent, and, well, you know how that will work out.

Only three referees were in the ring to try and control the proceeding, which doesn't exactly make for the safest outcome, especially for one poor masked man.

Read more about this event here.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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