Big Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan Needs YOUR Help After Fire Destroys Home

A HUGE Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan needs your help, Tampa Bay!

Jon Wilson, who goes by @JWilBuc on Twitter, lost his home and many personal belongings in a house fire Tuesday night.

A gofundme link has been set up to help Wilson, a single dad raising four children, and his family get back on their feet.

The cover photo was provided to us by Cory Hays, who goes by @CoryBeBuccin on Twitter, who told us that Jon is very grateful for all the help so far, especially with the holidays around the corner.

We also spoke with Jon, who says "the love and support I've gotten has been unreal. It means so much to me and my boys."

Jon says the fire started out as an electrical fire from his bedroom where an air conditioner was plugged in.

"It quickly spread and the whole home was engulfed in a matter of 15 minutes," Wilson told us. "There was nothing really left at all but a few charred pictures."

For the time being, Wilson and his kids are staying with his girlfriend, but he hopes that the gofundme can help with the costs of finding somewhere to rent.

We here at WDAE ask for your help by either contributing to the fund, or spreading the message.

Thank you!

Photos provided by Jon Wilson

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