WATCH: WDAE's Ian Beckles Takes Out Two Giants Defenders on the Same Play

Just scrolling through the Twitter feed on Wednesday and I came across this highlight from a 1991 New York Giants-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

On the play, Bucs' QB Vinny Testaverde was flushed out of the pocket, through no fault of our own Ian Beckles, who displayed his athleticism and never-quit attitude.

Ian is lined up at right guard, and when he sees Giants pro bowl linebacker Pepper Johnson coming in off a blitz, Ian disengages from his block to cut Johnson down in his path.

Later in the play, as Testaverde scrambles, Beckles gets back up to his feet and almost decleats Giants linebacker Corey Miller, who is heading toward Testaverde on his blind side.

Listen starting at 3, to hear first, whether Ian remembers this play, and secondly, if so, what he said to Miller after the play!

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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