WATCH: Tom Brady Once Again "Makes it Quick" In Latest Postgame Presser

Star players, such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, do have extra media obligations they have to handle, and it's reasonably understandable why a player wouldn't feel like talking after a loss.

But when you start off a press conference by saying "Make it quick," who are you telling to make it quick, yourself, or the assembled media?

The local football media here in Tampa has been great to Brady, and it's on him as the team's unquestioned leader to be available for more than the full 1:43 of the video provided from ESPN's Jenna Laine's Twitter account following Sunday's 29-19 upset loss to Washington. One could say the press was lucky it got even that much time, as he was ready to leave the podium at around the 56-second mark, when the Athletic's Greg Auman shouted, "That's it?"

And that :56 is what the Buccaneers released through its web site and on YouTube Sunday.

This press conference was six seconds shorter than the presser he gave two weeks ago following the loss to the New Orleans Saints.

I wrote two weeks ago that it was great seeing a leader take responsibility, but now I'm not so sure.

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