Beckles & Recher's Week 10 NFL Best Bets - Luck of the Draw

Really and truly, we make our own picks on our own time, and Tom Ponzo, who puts this all together, doesn't see anyone else's picks until after he's done his. And you'd figure that with 12 games to choose from this week, the odds of two participants matching the same pick for one game are somewhat reasonable.

But two games?

Nope. Jay and Tom didn't see each other's picks until Friday when Ponzo put this all together. He had the option to change his picks, but he feels pretty strongly about them, meaning Jay just walked into Ponzo's luck chamber and just guaranteed himself two losses, while Ian stays above the fray.

Really, follow Ian's advice. We're more than halfway through, and he's at 81% winners. Just don't spend actual money on it, because, you know, we can't tell you how to spend your money.

Posted below are Beckles & Recher's best bets for week 10 of the NFL season, which we remind you are for entertainment purposes only; NO WAGERING! ;-)

IAN BECKLES (Last week 2-1; 22-5 overall)
Atlanta (+9) over DALLAS
Jacksonville (+10.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
NEW ENGLAND (-1) over Cleveland

JAY RECHER (Last week 1-2; 14-13 overall)
TENNESSEE (-2.5) over New Orleans
Seattle @ GREEN BAY (Over 49.5)
LAS VEGAS (+2.5) over Kansas City

TOM PONZO (Last week: 1-2; 9-17-1 overall)
TENNESSEE (-2.5) over New Orleans
DENVER (-2.5) over Philadelphia
LAS VEGAS (+2.5) over Kansas City

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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